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Joe ~ Holy Communion ~ Dublin Portrait Photography

Joe and his First Holy Communion photo session.. 😉

Christopher ~ Holy Communion ~ Dublin Portrait Photography

Christopher and his Holy Communion photo session..

M… Family ~ Bushy Park ~ Dublin Portrait Photography

Family portrait photo session with Moran family at

Nicole ~ Dublin Portrait Photography

Baby Girl Nicole portrait photo session with her

Protected: S.. Family ~ Malý Slavkov ~ Family Portrait

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Sofia Anna ~ Newborn ~ Slovak Portrait Photography

Meet baby girl Sofia Anna ~ 4 weeks old and as sweet

Timotej & Diego ~ Veľký Lipník ~ Outdoor Story

Timotej and his Best Friend Diego, photos are taken

S… Family ~ Čerhov ~ Family Portrait Photography

Valeria and her family, photos are taken in lovely

Vanesa ~ Jakubany ~ Slovak Portrait Photography

Little girl Vanesa with her family dresses in

J… Family ~ Vyšné Ružbachy ~ Family Portrait Photography

Jusko Family photo shoot taken at Vyšné Ružbachy,

K… Family ~ Pieniny ~ Family Portrait Photography

Karvay Family portrait session in the heart of Pieniny

Daniella ~ Family Portrait ~ Slovak Portrait Photography

Baby Girl Daniella and her family at hot and sunny

K… Family ~ Velky Lipnik ~ Slovak Portrait Photography

Kocemba Family  portrait session, Velky Lipnik,

K.. Family ~ Stara Lubovna ~ Slovak Portrait Photography

Family portrait photo session with Kasina family.

Teddy ~ 1st Birthday ~ Dublin Portrait Photography

Teddy and his first birthday photo shoot.. 😉

M+D+K+K+L ~ Rudina ~ Family Portrait Photography

Miska + Dusan with they kids Kristina, Karolina and